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Stubborn as a bull in more than one way

Robert Pattinson on his role, suffering and human side of Edward Cullen
by Robert Wise

Robert Pattinson, handsome 23 year old British actor probably doesn't need a special introduction. Only a short one will do: he's the vampire from Twilight who conquered so many hearts. He is also the man who knows what he is talking about. It's a pleasure talking to him and one can see he is not an airhead, what we can occasionally say for some other celebrities. In New Moon he once again gives us an excellent performance of the mysterious Edward Cullen. It was easier this time, he says.

Do you like interviews?
I don' mind them. But it's true: foreign journalists are better than American. They follow questions and answers, while American tend to make you say whatever their editor wants to hear. It would be better to have a list of things they want me to say and I would just say them. So they could always be content.

What was the most frequent question asked in the last few days?
They kept asking me if we were doing practical jokes during making the movie. They want to know that concerning every movie. Do you make practical jokes while sitting in your office?



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