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This era’s icon

What is it that makes mil­lions of girls scream at every appear­ance of 23 year old Robert Pat­tin­son? It is a rea­son­able male ques­tion, isn’t it?

In Harry Pot­ter he went almost unno­ticed. His poten­tial to become an idol started show­ing with his lead role in “Twi­light”. The sec­ond movie of the series, “New Moon”, has just come out mak­ing the biggest open­ing of all time with $72.7 mil­lion the first week­end world­wide, and a 300,000 tick­ets open­ing week­end in Greece.

The fas­ci­na­tion asso­ci­ated with Pat­tin­son now is many times big­ger than the one asso­ci­ated with DiCaprio after the “Titanic”. So, there rises the inevitable ques­tion: What kind of icons are the ones needed in these times?

This is a guy who is much less of a rebel than the stars of the pre­vi­ous decades. He is clearly milder, more roman­tic and devoted to the one he falls in love with-in addi­tion to that, he is obe­di­ently loyal to her. He seems to be some­thing like that in real life as well. He doesn’t take advan­tage of his celebrity sta­tus, col­lect­ing female hearts. Not up until now, at least. Accord­ing to mag­a­zines, he is the new, more sophis­ti­cated ver­sion of a pop star, going around with a book in his hand and choos­ing to play the piano instead of foot­ball. Girls swear that he has an under­ground charm, a mys­tery that comes from an inher­ent reserved­ness and the appear­ance of an indif­fer­ent, disheveled charmer.





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