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I want to be more than just cute...

'Twilight' Hottie Robert Pattinson on his career goals, flying fists and the dark side of fame

Only for a few seconds he looks into the interviewer's eyes before focusing on a random spot in the room, just to look back into her eyes shortly while tousling his hair. Robert Pattinson,23, is always in motion, he seems nervous, somehow shy. During the conversation, which takes place in Regency Hotel in New York, the teen star becomes calmer, maybe because this one time it's not about vampires.

I: In your new movie you are playing a student revolting against his superior father figure. Are you a rebel in your private life as well?
R: Not really. Maybe I'm just a little late to that party though and my rebel period is yet to come (grins)

I: Have you ever been part in a real fight at least, since that is supposed to be normal guys' behavior?
R: Not just once! As a teenager I maneuvered myself into delicate situations a lot and never realized it until the first hit got made. That was when it has always been too late.

I: So it was probably easy to shoot the fighting scene in the bginning of 'Remember Me' then?
R: Foremost it was frustrating. I hit the stuntman in the face four times. As hard as I could. And the guy just grins at me and tells me he doesn't feel anything.

I: You have two older sisters. Was it hard for you as a kid to stand up against them?
R: No. Lizzie and Victoria always supported me.

I: And what was the relationship with your father like? Did he demand a great deal of you like your father in the movie?
R: When I constantly received bad grades over a longer period of time he told me to drop out of school instead and look for a job. My dad has always been really cool which led me to talk back to him a lot. Maybe I WAS a little rebel after all...

I: You shot to fame pretty fast. Are you used to being a star now?
R: I think it's important to define yourself through your job instead of just being the teen star. Johnny Depp accomplished that. It takes a lot of discipline. And you need to be good at hiding too.

I: Hiding? But there's constant twittering your locations.
R: It just seems that way, I have some aces up my sleeve.

I: Your girlfriend Kristen is right in the spotlight too...
R: To be honest, that doesn't make a difference anymore. I'm always in the spotlight nowadays. I'm being told that this is part of it, pictures being taken all the time but I think that there should be boundaries.

I: Like what?
R: Everyone has a camera phone. If someone asks for a picture in a restaurant, that's alright, but I hate when people snap pictures without me knowing it. I'm not an animal in a zoo! (laughs)

I: What do you do to relax in your free time?
R: I enjoy reading and I'm a huge kindle fan, the device you can read ebooks with. One of the best inventions of all times. I just recently purchased a Dostojewski collection, for just $1. At that rate I will probably own 3 million books soon.

A/N from Robsessed83: OK, so the there's this issue with the word 'girlfriend'...the word they used in german could be translated as both, friend or girlfriend...IMO she meant it as girlfriend...not just wishful thinking, it really sounded that way, like she was referring to her as his partner...i mean why would she suddenly bring her up with no reference right?

Although the interview seems real, keep in mind that Gala could have rephrased the questions.

In Touch


#1 I used to be a really bad student, I never did my homework either. My school reports always said that I didn't put in enough effort.

#2 I had to gain weight for my role in 'Bel Ami'. The character used to live under really bad conditions and drink a lot for about six years, that's why I want to look battered.

#3 Sometimes I think I should give up acting. But then I would probably end up working in a shoe store and doing movies is just way cooler.

#4 At home in London I'm able to walk around without much attention and do normal stuff. If I'd known it would be that way I would have come back earlier.

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